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Whether you’re selling a condominium, luxury home, apartment building, distressed property, office building or vacant land, you want to make sure that you get the highest possible price and sell as quickly as possible. can help you do both. Scroll down to read more about how the real estate auction process works.

Here’s How it Works:

When you list your property to be sold at auction we initiate a focused marketing blitz, and grab the attention of thousands of qualified buyers, investors and speculators throughout the United States and beyond. So when the auction day arrives, you’ll know you have the strongest group of qualified cash buyers possible ready to bid on your auction.

Here are some other benefits: 

Sell in 30 Days or Less
The more expensive or unique a property is, the longer it typically takes to sell using traditional selling methods. Having a specified date on which you intend to sell creates a sense of urgency, and helps to speed up the entire sales process. A typical auction sale can take place in 30 days or less, with a closing in as quick as 7-14 days after the auction sale.

Maintain Control Over the Sales Process
With guidance from your auction listing broker, the seller typically gets to set the date and time of the auction, as well as the reserve price, terms and conditions. When potential buyers know you are committed to sell on a specific date, they do their homework in advance and show up prepared to buy, freeing you from the hassle of having to deal with tire kickers, insincere offers and haggling.

Generate Maximum Exposure
By compressing the sales period, an auction is by nature a more aggressive marketing strategy than a traditional sale, providing maximum visibility for your property quickly. In addition, an auction marketing campaign is specifically tailored to reach the target audience most likely to be interested in your property.

Establish True Market Value
Many properties for sale today may have comps that include short sales or foreclosures, which makes it difficult for buyers to establish an accurate value for the subject property. As a result, the seller runs the risk of asking too much or too little. An auction eliminates that problem because it establishes the true market price. In fact, an auction is the purest method for establishing fair market value based on the “highest and best” bid for the property. 

Contingency Free Contracts
If you’ve ever sold a property contingent on an inspection, or the buyer obtaining financing, then you know how frustrating it can be when one of those contingencies causes the deal to fall apart. Auction sales have no contingencies, so you can rest assured when the property is sold you'll close on-time in accordance with the terms of the auction purchase contract.

Eliminate Carrying Costs
A property that remains on the market for an extended period of time can become a serious drain on the owner and the owner’s equity. Mortgage payments, maintenance, taxes and insurance can add up to thousands of dollars per month for some properties. Auctions minimize the costs that can erode a seller's equity due to the quickness of the sale, which will net the seller a higher final sale price in the end.

Attract Qualified Cash Buyers
A qualified and experienced real estate auction professional knows how to design the right combination of internet advertising which includes local, regional, national and international, depending on your needs, e-mail marketing, public relations and direct sales efforts to bring your property to the attention of qualified prospective buyers wherever they may be.

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